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      In the cleaning process of the system and single equipment, the high-efficiency corrosion inhibitor is used to minimize the damage to the equipment; the high price metal ion stabilization technology is used to avoid secondary deposition, and the cleaning solution can reach the discharge standard after simple treatment; the low phosphorus or non phosphorus pre membrane technology is used to reduce the replacement and discharge water in a large amount, so as to reduce the impact on the environment.

Qd-102 B1, B2 corrosion inhibitor:


        It can be used for cleaning of pipes and heat exchangers in industrial circulating cooling water system, and also for cleaning of single equipment. Qd-102b1 is used together with hydrochloric acid; qd-102b2 is used together with sulfuric acid and nitric acid. It is suitable for cleaning of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper and other materials. This product can be used together with cleaning agent to remove iron oxide and other metal oxides, corrosion products and scaling products. After cleaning, the metal surface is clean and shows its true color. The cleaning corrosion rate is far lower than the cleaning standard.

Qd-105 cleaning dispersant:


      This product is added to the water in the chemical cleaning and descaling process and discharge stage to coordinate and stabilize the high valence metal ions, so as to prevent the redeposition of scaling factors. This product is non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable.

Qd-206a, B non phosphorus premembrane agent:


      Component a of this product is composed of polymer, azoles and other auxiliaries, and component B is corrosion inhibitor, which can form a compact anti-corrosion film on the metal surface in a short time. It is suitable for heat exchanger of carbon steel and stainless steel in circulating cooling water system and pre film of oil pipeline. After the product is pre coated, the anti-corrosion ability of the equipment is greatly enhanced.

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